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Buyer Rebates Exist So Why Don't People Get Them?
I was recently telling a good friend of mine about how I got a buyer rebate when I bought my $353,000 house and they were skeptical about what I was telling them. To be honest, at first I didn't understand their skepticism because I have gotten two buyer rebates in my home buying experiences so I know how real they are. Buyer rebates are also easy to get but I digress... Anyway, as I was talking to my friend it didn't take me long to remember how I once thought about buyer rebates when I bought my very first house (I am in my 60's now so I've bought three houses so far, and I hope this last house I've bought will be my last). Back in the day I also doubted that buyer rebates were real. I guess the main reason why I doubted that they were real was because they had the word, "rebate" attached to them. There have been a lot of scams (usually mail order scams when I was younger) that had the word, "rebate" associated with them. Time and time again people were promised cash back... (more)

If it even matters
She is lost. And not the kind of lost lacking a map could bring you, she's lost in her soul. She's lost at the very core of her being. She doesn't know who she is. She doesn't know who she wants to be. She doesn't know how to figure it out and she's frustrated. She feels as though any purpose she had is now gone. She doesn't know why she's loved. She doesn't feel like she deserves love. She's on the edge of I don't care anymore and leaning more towards the fall. She doesn't seek help for this because she doesn't think there is help for this. She just wants to sit alone and think about how pathetic she is and cry. For even just five uninterrupted minutes, she just wants to have a good cry about it.

Why is rum gone?
Drive &

In my quest to better the life I've created I have decided to go back to school to pursue getting my degree. I know most people really only feel it's a piece of paper that means nothing, but for me it is so much more. That piece of paper proves that all of my passion, my drive and my will are valid. During this quest I have applied for assistance via Scholarships as I live paycheck to paycheck and school seems financial out of reach. In applying for scholarships, I have been asked, "How has the Internet shaped your educational career thus far?" My educational career has been dead in the water since I graduated high school in 2002. I lacked a proper support system from my family that could push me and encourage me to continue my academic career. At that time the internet was well in full swing, but online school didn't seem like it was to a point where I could gain any relevant knowledge or use it to advance my potential. In 12 years I have watched the internet... (more)

the 31st

I did a double-take when I realised we've reached the final day of the month: July for what it was worth; over and done with in a blink! Hello dear reader - how was your day? On this side of the black stump Thursday and all her demands are just getting started; while I grasp hold of Morning - I feel utterly ridiculous this morning; it's like pull a rabbit out of a hat - that feeling anyway I can't stand that so instead, I'm rattling off dozens of thoughts just to warm up and get my story-telling into gear! Very difficult as most mornings, these days anyway, I stay locked away in the arctic zone until the coast is clear (as the saying goes) I mean, while I am a 'morning person' there are those in this world who'd sooner skin you alive than exchange two words so I'd rather keep myself to myself and advance the morning later on, when I can simply make coffee and toast without engaging in an all out battle of words or something. There's nothing supposed at all about today. I am... (more)

Jiu jiu wo..... :(

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